Super Happy Dev House

Along the lines of previous posts on co-working spaces and hackathons, Super Happy Dev House (SHDH) is an occasional meet-up of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and hackers.  Past SHDH’s have been held both in donated corporate spaces (like Microsoft and Google), co-working spaces (Sandbox Suites), and at hackers’ homes (the “Rainbow Mansion”).  Food and drinks have also been donated from MDV, a VC firm.  Keep in mind the first of these events drew a crowd of about 25; recent events drew hundreds. Labeled a “productive party” by one of its founders, David Weekly, SHDH has no prescribed mission but to offer a place to build community around innovation in tech.  His company, PBWiki, was actually started at the very first SHDH.  It’s the sort of thing you have to experience to understand, but it draws an extremely intelligent and motivated crowd, all willing and wanting to share what’s new on the cutting edge.

Started here in California, the creators have been happy to see copy cat events in places as diverse as New Zealand, Mexico City, Germany and Milwaukee.