Twilio, San Francisco

[youtube] According to The Business Insider, the Silicon Valley startup Twilio is the hot silicon valley startup to watch this year. Though I've heard a lot of humming about this company over the last year, I wasn't exactly sure of what they do or what they offer. So I snooped around their website for a while. According to the Twilio team, Twilio is about solving problems; direct from the website, they tell us in their usual casual manner: We're always building web applications, and sometimes we want those apps to be able to interact with phone callers. Maybe we want a customer to be able to call in and get information, or maybe we need to coordinate our employees more efficiently. Before Twilio, you would have had to learn some foreign telecom programming languages, or set up an entire stack of PBX software to do this. At which point, you'd say "aw, forget it!" Twilio lets you use your existing web development skills, existing code, existing servers, existing databases and existing karma to solve these problems quickly and reliably. We provide the infrastructure, you provide the business logic via HTTP, and together we rule the world.

In short, Twilio is like an easy-access outlet mall of solutions for all of your programming problems. I see why Business Insider is keen on them, good problem-solvers are hard to find.