Good Karma? GoodZuma

This weekend, I ran into a designer friend who told me about his recent web design project: GoodZuma.  GoodZuma, still in the early stages, seeks to provide a platform with which to crowd-source innovative solutions to organizations facing a wide range of nagging problems.  They’re focusing on social, environmental, educational, and health-related issues. How does it work?  An organization posts its “Challenge” on the GoodZuma site.  The organization incentivises users to suggest solutions by offering “Rewards” – e.g. academic credit, cash, a paid fellowship or even job opportunities.

The concerned “crowd” of users is then encouraged to come up with a “Pitch” – a potential solution to the problem – or to simply critique or add on to others’ solutions.  So far, GoodZuma is working with a few organizations including We Can End This (searching for help ending hunger in U.S cities, offering a $1,000 reward) and the Rainforest Alliance (creating an educational and outreach campaign, offering a $1,500 stipend and fellowship).