Walkscore is a web app that calculates a 0-100 score meant to demonstrate the walkability of a neighborhood. A community that scores between 90 and 100 is deemed a “Walker's Paradise”, scores ranging from 70-90 are very walkable, 50-70 are somewhat walkable, and scores below 50 indicate a car-dependent area. The app takes into account various criteria for calculating a score: centerpieces like parks or a main street, population density, mixed land uses, parks and public space, pedestrian-oriented urban design, schools and workplace distribution, and complete streets (designs for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit).

Walkscore has not only been helpful for people trying to evaluate new living locations, but it has also opened up great transparency in the drivers of property value. One study done by CEOs for Cities, a group of urban redevelopment advocates, found that “in a typical market, an additional one point increase in Walk Score was associated with between a $500 and $3,000 increase in home values.”