Lose It! App

Some of my friends and even my father have been raving about the Lose it! mobile phone application. When I downloaded the application last week, I wasn't expecting much as I'd already seen iterations or versions of this application over the last 2 some years; The premise of the application is simple enough: track your calorie consumption, track your physical exertion and lose weight. By shining a light on one's bad food habits or sloth-like lifestyle, the application enables them to make more informed decisions about your habits in real-time. Though I was skeptical, I must admit that after a week of use, I like it. It's convenient, and it's free. Unfortunately, the database of prepackaged foods is somewhat lacking but you can usually resolve this by identifying a comparable replacement food or by opting for the 'Custom Food' category. This shortcoming fades, however, when users take advantage of the 'recipe' functionality on the application; that is, users can enter a recipe (or download it) and then designate the number of portions within the total recipe. So, you don't have to lie about eating your mum's apple cake, you just have to enter it in to your daily tally.

Now this application won't make somebody skinny....but, the flexibility of the application ensures that anyone motivated to loose weight or stay in shape will get an extra kick of support from the handy little application.