OPen Culture

At least once in the last year, I have marveled about i Tunes U or mobile language learning or free music or movie content. All this yelping about free resources, doesn't do you much good if you can't actually find them. When I found myself stuck with the springtime flu this weekend, I decided to do something productive with my 72 hours sniffling, house-bound sentence. I'd try to learn something, listen to a new podcast or brush up on my foreign language skills. It didn't take me long to find, a one-stop-shop for free learning content, whether it's a Fellini film or a German Language Learning tutorial from Deutsche Welle Radio. For those of you who are less excited about spending your weekend learning, there are also links to tons of interesting culture aggregators----whether it's a site that streams old films, provides links to free audiobooks, or provides a bunch of easy how-to's for everything from DIY remodeling to cooking. Check it out here. And for those of you with an iPhone, there's an App.