Add a new line to your Smart Phone

[youtube] A new application, Line2, is shaking up established cell phone user models by allowing an iPhone-user (for now---Android users should get their fill in a few months) to add a second line to their mobile phone, therein enabling them to establish a separate contact list, voicemail, etc.

Toktumi, the company behind the Application, envisions that mobile phone users will use the app to create an easy separation between their personal and professional lives, distributing the line2 number to business contacts and retaining their original number for family and friends.

For those of you pinching minutes at the end of each month, you'll be especially delighted by line2's dual-mode functionality which allows you to make phone calls over your carrier's network or over the internet; in fact, anytime you have access to a hotspot, line2 places calls over wifi.

After the first month, satisfied users will have to pay a reasonable 15 dollar a month subscription fee. To learn more about the service, check out the video above.