Get a Glimpse: how to build your own iphone rfid reader

Down the road, we expect newer generations of the iPhone will grace us with RFID capabilities. It's just a matter of time really----Apple has already files a patent with the US patent office; in their official claim, they state 'The device can communicate with an external device to open a lock. By way of example, the electronic device may be a model of an iPhone. The external device may be any suitable electronic device such as a portable media player, personal data assistant or electronic lock that may be used to access a door, car, house or other physical area.' While this is exciting, those of us already in possession of an iPhone might look to innovative efforts made by a research assistant at CASA/ University College London. Check out the video below to see how the research assistant built his own iPhone RFID reader accessory.

iPhone RFID Reader from Benjamin Blundell on Vimeo.