Digital Capital Week, Washington DC

The city and the people that brought us the Apps for Democracy Model for service innovation in 2009, will launch the 2010 Digital Capital Week in June of 2010; The Purpose of Digital Capital Week is to strengthen the capital region’s digital economy via a 10 day series of events focused on creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, content creation, and innovation. In anticipation of the event, DC in partnership with iStrategy Labs has spearheaded its own mini-census in an effort to explore the potential to conduct and complete a mobile and innovative census data collection process; the US in the mean time is gearing up for the costly and labor intensive process of collecting data for the 2010 US census. Thus far, they have collected over 1500 responses. Though they do have a ways to go, it will be interesting to see where technology is at in 2020 for the next census and the role that mobile technologies will play.