New Socialight Platform, New Socialight Business Model

Socialight, the New York based location-based social networking site, launched a new offering for potential users this past week. The Socialight Community Platform lets people, companies, and organizations easily launch apps around location-based content and community. What’s particularly special about this new innovation at Socialight is that it allows customers to access a web tool through which they can manage their communities, design and launch their own applications(complete with maps, pictures, audio, and video) for mobile, web, interactive signage and in-car usage. I visisted Socialight founder, Dan Melinger, last summer while conducting research in NYC and though I was impressed with the original Socialight platform (check out the showcase here), it was obvious that Melinger’s vision for a community-based location based social network was just one of many visions for location-based social networking; all of whom were competing for the same users. If anything, it seemed that the divergent and numerous platforms were having a cannibalizing effect upon their users; that is, if no site can claim to have its finger on the pulse of its residents, then why use any at all? After all, when using a social networking website to learn about my community, I want to get insights and opinions that are valuable not irrelevant. [when I asked Melinger about user numbers, he declined to comment].

It’s for this reason exactly, that Socialight’s newest service is so exciting. Within days of launching the service, they have over100 companies, organizations and indviduals from media, advertsigin firm, universities, political organizations and chambers of commerce on the new Socialight platform. Clearly, they’ve hit upon an untapped demand.