VOIP on Mobile Phones challenge Business Models

A while back we featured an article on the Mobility Report that highlighted the attractive and cheap possibilities presented by combining VOIP services and mobile phones. Six months later, I am compelled to point to an equally timely article printed last week in the New York Times about the disincentives or preventative obstacles designed by mobile operators to prevent their customers from using such VOIP Services. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, the CEO of the VOIP service SKYPE didn't criticize the mobile operators that are simply blocking its users from accessing his company's service but rather praised the three mobile operators that are supporting the service. However, it is clear that such bullying by mobile operators really undermines the value of new technologies such as VOIP. Moreover, it simply serves to highlight the hackneyed nature of mobile business markets---once again we see that 'the battle is not about technology but about the business model.'