Showcase Award coverage by German National TV 3sat

3sat neues, a programme covering new technologies on German national television attended the Living Labs Global Showcase Award Ceremony, covering the event and airing interviews with Lluis Recoder, Mayor of Sant Cugat, Sascha Haselmayer, General Director Living Labs Global, and Josep Miquel Pique, CEO of 22@ Barcelona. The coverage celebrated the efforts by Living Labs Global to find innovative solutions to societal problems based on a range of technologies and Showcased the Taxi2 mobile solution, presented for the first time to the public at the event; Urbiotica's solutions for a digital urban operating system of wireless sensors and management; and the intelligent streetlighting systems in 22@ Barcelona.

Here the link to the coverage of the Living Labs Global Showcase Award (German)

Here the link to the coverage of 22@ Barcelona and Urbiotica (German)

3sat neues - full programme - Mobile World Congress and Living Labs Global Showcase Award