Interactive Experiential Shop – An Innovative Smart Vending Machine

If there is a smart vending machine that allows you to interact with the machine and obtain a sample of the product you are interested in without having to ask a sales clerk for help or fill out a form on the seller’s website and wait for the sample to arrive, would you be interested in finding out more about it if you see it in one of the major sales outlets? Foreseeing Innovative New Digiservices (FIND) of IDEAS participated in the “2009 Project to Develop Software for Service-Oriented Machines Built on an Open Platform” sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and developed the “Interactive Experiential Shop”, a smart vending machine based on the concept of “affinity, word-of-mouth marketing”. The machine combines smart vending machinery, preference analysis and personalized recommendation techniques to allow businesses to give away samples to the target groups in return for their feedback in order to fine-tune their marketing strategies. FIND launched Livex – a prototype of its interactive experiential shop – in September 2009 at the Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart. Visitors were tempted to experience Livex at first hand thanks to its “New Product Experiential Service” and “Exhibition Hall Instant Survey” applications.

By You Pei-hua, He Ling-wei