Media X at Stanford University: the Ubiquitous Virtual Relationship

Narrated by: Chuck House Media X focuses primarily on the influence of science communication and the humanities mainly through research projects sponsored by corporate members or partners, as well as through workshops and seminars. Our teams discuss with these members or partners, select research subjects, and publish research results. We collaborate with these firms in conducting forward-thinking research projects. These projects are of different sizes, with short-term projects lasting between 6 and 12 months, and long-term projects lasting between 5 and 7 years. We are approached by firms with a wide variety of backgrounds about projects. An example is research projects by big businesses such as Intel on science communication. These projects research varying geographic areas that include California, Taiwan and Bangalore.

In addition to big companies – Intel, Phillips, and Cisco, to name but a few – we collaborate with small or emerging businesses. We also help them interact with big companies, encouraging brainstorming and discussion at seminars. For instance, Forterra provides distributed enterprise virtual world software capable of providing corporate customers and partners with real-time 3D web solutions for education, healthcare and more.

The reason that iPhone attracts so much attention is by no means its voice quality and communication advantages. Rather, it is because of the huge influence it exerts in scientific and technological applications. It is how the iPhone achieves complete user experience and application that appeals to people, as it all has to do with “people”, which coincides with Media X’s consideration of the whole subject from the humanities angle.