Living Labs Global Award Shortlist

The Living Labs Global Team is pleased to announce finalists for the Showcase Award. More than 310 entries have been received for the Award, and dedicated jury panels have worked day and night to review the many Showcases for each City Category. Finalists for each category will submit a short video presenting their solution by the end of the month. These videos will be aired at the Living Labs Global Showcase Award Ceremony in Sant Cugat del Valles on February 14th. Category Shortlists:

Caceres, Spain Cultural and Societal Participation and Collaboration Tools 1. Digital Parking Ticket Via SMS 2. Try it now, E-bike mobility plan 3. Mobility enabled emergency medical response 4. iBus informing you every step of the way 5. Energy Saving through Smart Applications

Eindhoven, Netherlands ICT and Increasing Citizen Participation in Public Processes 1. Local Innovation Plan 2. Apps for Democracy 3. eParticipation in urban planning 4. eParticipatory budgeting 5. DEMOS-Plan: Interactive land use planning

Taipei, Taiwan Intelligent Living Services in Taipei

1. UpNext 2. Sensitive Pavement for the Management of Lines at Tourist Attractions 3. Electronic Tour Guide at Silver Light Alley 4. Wikiloc Active Routes

Oieras, Portugal Improvements to Water Management in Cities to Reduce Consumption by 50% 1. Central intelligent irrigation controller 2. Multi-Site Irrigation Central Control System 3. Irrigation Management 4. Irrigation Central System Satellite 5. IQ Central Control

Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain A digitally enabled accessible ecoCity 1. Autonomous Sensors to monitor Garbage Capacity in Urban Dumpsters 2. Aldea DOC 3. City 24/7 SuperScreens 4. Zeniting: share your knowledge everywhere 5. Bikefind

La Selva, Spain New Solutions to Integrate Tourism, Innovation in Gastronomy and Rural Landscapes 1. Sustainable Food 2. Energy Saving through Smart Applications 3. Wikiloc Active Routes 4. The Intelligent City 5. Ubilabs 2.0

Chicago, U.S.A. Solutions for Smart Cities: Integrating Health, Education, Public Safety.

1. Sustainable Food 2. Wifi-Mesh network 3. mSensors: SenzaNet Technology 4. mNeighbourhood watch 5. Carfinder

Stockholm, Sweden eServices for Citizens and Corporations 1. Open Green Map 2. Locago 3. Ubilabs City 2.0 4. Energy Savings through Smart Applications 5. Apps for Democracy

Barcelona, Spain Automation for Urban Services for Cities 1. Urban Traffic Sensor System 2. Autonomous Sensors to monitor Garbage Capacity in Urban Dumpsters 3. Autonomous Sensors for the Intelligent Management of Forested Lands and Green Zones 4. T-City Friedrichshafen 5. Irrigation Management