424 page report on Mobile internet from Morgan Stanley

Last week, the American financial institution, Morgan Stanley published Mary Meeker's 422-page report on Morgan Stanley with an accompanying 692-slide presentation; if you're daunted by the report in full, breeze through the 92-page 'primer'. Coming at the end this decade, the report, which is divided into 8 themes [ 1. Wealth creation / destruction in new computing cycles, 2. Mobile ramping up faster than desktop did, and will be bigger, 3. Apple is leading in mobile innovation, 4. Game changing communications / commerce platforms emerging rapidly, 5. Growth / monetization roadmaps from Japan, 6. Massive data growth driving carrier / equipment transitions, 7. Compelling opportunities in emerging markets, 8. Regulators can advance / slow mobile internet evolution], establishes that we are in the fifth major technology cycle of the last fifty years and that as each cycle matures “the number of devices and users rises by a factor of ten.” The folks at Arctic Startup took care to read the entire report and itemize its findings in 8 twitterable bullet points, read them here.