The 'Grythyttan' of Texas? Maybe...

A while back Living Labs Global reported on the Swedish mining town of Grythyttan: a town which on its last legs reinvented itself as a global center for gastronomy, exploring all aspects of restauranteering and using new technologies to boot. Here is the original post. Marfa, Texas, of all places, seems to be experiencing its own culinary renaissance. Many leagues from Texas's traditional epicentres this small town, a mere dot on the state's westward territories (it's closest to the city of San Antonio), is becoming known for its unpretentious, global home cooking.

Serving up everything from diesel fried chicken to marfalafel, a local spin on falafel, in old delivery trucks or washed up car dealerships.

Ok, so Marfa isn't home to the world's largest cookbook library and nor can eager students complete a PHD in Taste (both are possible in Grythyttan.) Still, it's an exciting story of culinary reinvention. To read more about the town's revitalization---click here.