Mobility Value: Customer Loyalty

Measuring the value of mobility seems to be an eternal challenge. Even conventional billing can prove puzzling. Take my own case: Eight years ago, I opted for Vodafone as my partner for mobility, living in my pocket and bag with me. Ups and downs of handsets and awkward integrations could not deter me. In fact, over the past 8 years my customer loyalty to Vodafone, has been worth around EUR 65,000 - about the same as buying a brand new Porsche Cayenne. And I didn't even haggle.

Most people would agree that to celebrate such loyalty, a plastic magnetic bookmark saying "Here I stopped reading" is spot on. I suppose it's a metric that reflects the shocking moment of opening bills after roaming in China, using the Palm Treo, configuring Real Mail to go away, or getting a Nokia handset to navigate. I am also sure that if I bought a Porsche Cayenne, I would be perfectly satisfied by such a generous gift.

Thank you, Mobility Value.