Favorites and More from Peter Corbett of iStrategy Labs

What's your day job?

PC: I'm a strategist - consulting clients on how to connect with people in the digital and physical world.

Favorite iStrategy Lab Project to Date?

PC: It would have to be Apps for Democracy. We've really changed the way DC government procures technology and relates to their citizen innovators.

Favourite application to emerge from the APPS08 competition?

PC: I love We The People Wiki (www.wethepeoplewiki.com).

If you had your pick internationally, is there any city in particular that you would like to see adopt a similar model? If so, which and why?

PC: Tokyo - so I can spend a few months there and I think Japanese developers would build some really innovative applications.

Favorite blogs?

PC: ffffound.com, techcrunch.com, and radar.oreilly.com

Favourite novelty app?

PC: I'm a big fan of Flashlight for the iPhone!

Favourite mobile-enabled service?

PC: Brightkite.com is the best mobile-enabled site.

What’s your dream project?

PC: My dream project would be to rally the global technology community to build applications that sought to literally save the world.

A small county in Iowa recently launched the first emergency text-message service in the country---It took a small county with a population of some 150,000 people to make this technological leap in service design----If anything, what do you think this says about service design in big cities and their relative adaptability to technological capabilities?

PC: I think most innovation in government will trickle up from smaller, agile municipalities. DC is actually a pretty small town - so Apps for Democracy was much less likely to happen in NYC or Chicago first; it took root here first because the city administration was accessible and interested in experimentation.