More Interactive Mobile Gaming, NYC

This May I met up with James Tunick of Studio IMC and Map Cidy at New York’s Mobile Monday meeting. Tunick's mobile technology and social software has been used in Times Square, Major League Baseball stadiums, museums, movie theater screens, & cities across the U.S.. Mr. Tunick has worked with clients such as the US Army, Clear Channel, Sprint, Verizon, NRDC, Greenday, & Toyota. He has two patents pending and his work has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Wired, the New York Times, the Discovery Channel,and other publications. Mr. Tunick was kind enough to follow-up our meeting with a brief digital interview, this is what he had to say:  

What do you do?

JT: I am a new media artist and entrepreneur. What is the future of big games/ location-based, interactive games? Big games and location-based social platforms in urban spaces have a huge future. The Outernet, or the "Next Net" will be filled with as many if not more games than today's networked PCs and game consoles. People will from their phones control digital characters and profiles that can be ported from one platform to another. Read the StudioIMC whitepaper about the Next Net.

What is your favourite Studio IMC original big-game project/ interactive project to date?

JT:  StudioIMC has the privilege of working with some of the world's top new media artists. game designers, and programmers. So it is hard to choose a single favorite project. Our favorite interactive projects include our billboard in Times Square, our installations in the Time Warner Center, our jumbotrons in Minute Maid Park for the Houston Astros, and our interactive movie screens with advertisers like Verizon and Sprint in movie theaters across the U.S.

How do you think big-game technology can be utilized to engage people in other disciplines?  

JT:   Big games will only be one way that interactive new media will be utilized in public spaces. Other forms of interactive art, green tech, and community platforms such as "free speech bulletins" will be introduced to public spaces, completely changing the ways that we approach education, tourism, community organizing, and city government.

What’s your dream project?

JT:   Please refer to our proposal for the City of the Future and our proposal for the Park of the Future which won the Normal Lear Center Grand Intervention Design Competition and was featured in the LA Times: IMC - Park of the Future v10.pdf

Favourite technology and or other blog or blogs/ print-publications?


Which firms do you think are doing the most interesting and or relevant work?

JT:  MapCidy, Socialight, AreaCode, FourSquare,  Buzzd  and


Be sure to check out Mr. Tunick’s Studio IMC showcases and  Map Cidy Showcase and the YouTube demo video on the Living Labs Global YouTube channel.