Living Labs Global: Your Market for Mobility.

Since June 2008, Living Labs Global has become a non-profit membership association building on the success of Living Labs Europe. This evolution reflects the outcomes of our consultations with European members and partners, including the EU Commission Europe-INNOVA programme, since the beginning of the year, as well as the geographic growth of our initiative. New members have joined from Asia, and it is expected that we can announce activities in the Americas and the broader Mediterranean Region in the coming months. Further, the new organisation reflects our mission to build a "Marketplace for Mobility". Previous posts discussed Living Labs as Lead Markets, barriers to innovation and creativity. We are moved by the discovery of so many innovative mobile applications - more than 230 have been presented in our Research on Mobility - yet few of these become available everywhere. In fact, the mobility market today is dysfunctional for a large number of reasons. We cannot change all of this everywhere, so we are inviting those cities, regions, companies, agencies and organisations committed to providing better, more innovative service to mobile citizens, businesses and visitors to join us.

Without a functioning market, our discussions on user-centric innovation and service designs often lead to frustration rather than success, as many conditions hinder export or commercialisation. Living Labs Global remains committed to putting the user at the centre, with 6,711,888,616 innovators around, we believe that we can actively create the global market for mobility, rather than wait. Understanding users helps us identify the local problems that are in fact global opportunities.

Together, we will build this marketplace, enabling innovators to become successful. We will continue to map mobility, to showcase the best services and applications and benchmark leading global regions and markets. Our Matchmaking Summits will become part of a regular activity, starting in January 2009 in Hamburg, to be followed by Summits in Zurich and Taipei. And, our goal remains to make it all happen through Highlight Projects that break new grounds by piloting and pre-commercialising solutions in our marketplace.

Find out more, by reviewing our updated website.