What are the Social Cohesion Challenges?

The Social Cohesion Challenges program is a unique partnership between Citymart, 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), and the participating 100RC member cities. It is designed to connect CROs keen to address social cohesion in their city with a global network of innovative entrepreneurs in order to trial and deploy innovative solutions tackling social cohesion challenges.


Which cities are currently part of the Social Cohesion Challenge program?

  • Bristol - strengthening residents' shared sense of belonging and community resilience. 
  • Oakland – improving police-community relations.
  • Da Nang - revitalizing public space in its city center.


How is the competition organized?

  • Invitation to compete: The city defines a challenge, which is published on Citymart.com together with the submission deadline.
  • Submission process: Entrepreneurs, innovators, groups, consortia, research centres and non-profit organizations with existing solutions are invited to submit their solutions.
  • Selection process: An evaluation panel of city stakeholders and international experts will evaluate submissions against the published evaluation criteria and select the finalists. These will then be invited to submit extra information and participate in an interview. The final winner(s) will be chosen after Round 2.
  • Pilot: The winner/s will work with the city to develop a detailed plan and implement a pilot project in the respective cities.


Who can participate?

  • All companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, groups, consortia, research centres and non-profit organizations with existing solutions.
  • Undeveloped ideas or concepts will not be considered. Solutions should be ready to pilot within three months of the winners’ announcement.
  • You do not necessarily have to be constituted as legal entities or other form of partnership to participate, but if selected, you may be required to do so prior to piloting.


How much does it cost to participate?

  • There is no charge for participating in 100RC Social Cohesion Challenges.


How do I submit?

  • Navigate to the challenge page for the city you would like to submit to.
  • Read the full challenge statement and the evaluation criteria carefully. 
  • Download and complete the application form available on the page.
  • Navigate to the submission portal and upload your application form.

Note: you must upload your application form in two different formats - PDF and PowerPoint. The PDF version is your official application, while the PowerPoint will be used for evaluation and translation purposes. The PDF and Powerpoint versions of the form must be identical.


What languages can submissions be made in?

  • Submissions to the Bristol and Oakland Social Cohesion Challenges must be made in English only.
  • Submissions to the Da Nang Social Cohesion Challenge may be in either English or Vietnamese.  


Can I submit to more than one challenge?

  • Yes, you can submit a solution to more than one challenge.


Can I submit more than one solution to a single challenge?

  • Yes, you can submit more than one solution to a single challenge. However, you will need to use separate email addresses for each solution.


When is the submission deadline? 

  • The submission deadline for each challenge is listed on the challenge page. Please note that these are subject to change and we therefore advise you to check these pages regularly.


Who will be on the evaluation panel?

  • The evaluation panel will be composed of City officials as well as local and international experts. The names of the evaluators will remain anonymous during the evaluation process in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest.


How will submissions be evaluated?

  • Evaluators will use the challenge-specific evaluation criteria published on each particular webpage.


Who will be invited to Round 2?

  • The top scoring solutions for each challenge will be invited to participate in Round 2. Additional solutions may be invited to Round 2 in certain circumstances, such as in the event of a draw or if any of the top scoring showcases choose not to participate in Round 2.


When will I know if my solution has been selected for Round 2?

  • The Citymart team will be in touch to let you know whether you have been selected for Round 2. This will take place within a month of the submission deadline.


What extra information do I have to submit for Round 2?

  • If you are selected to participate in Round 2, you will need to answer a questionnaire. This will ask you specific questions about your solution and how it could be applied to the city’s context. Round 2 may also include an interview with the evaluation panel, which can be done in person or online.  


When do I have to submit the Round 2 Questionnaire?

  • Solutions invited to participate in Round 2 will receive a minimum of 5 working days to prepare their questionnaires.


What is the outcome of the challenge / what do I get if I win?

  • Successful proposals will be piloted with the logisitcal support of the city. This may include facilitating connections with local stakeholders, and, wherever possible, helping to identify and secure external funding. Success stories with also be shared through the 100 Resilient Cities network, giving solution providers visibility to city governments worldwide.


When will I know if I won?

  • The Citymart team will get in touch to let you know whether you have been selected for the programme as soon as the Jury have made their final decision.


Can there be more than one winner for each challenge?

  • Yes, more than one winner may be chosen for each challenge at the discretion of the evaluation committee.


How will the industrial and intellectual property rights be handled?

  • Participants authorise the dissemination of their proposals during all stages of the evaluation process.


Who should I contact for further information about the programme?

  • If you need further information, please contact us at team@citymart.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  The information contained above is for general guidance only and it does not have legal validity. Please refer to the terms and conditions available on each challenge webpage.