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Citymart is a leader in city procurement innovation. We put procurement to work to achieve better outcomes for cities and delivering the highest quality contract opportunities to a broader, more diverse and creative group of vendors.

We have honed our experience in delivering innovative procurements in over 130 cities like New York City, San Francisco, Dublin and London. Our solutions combine this know-how with tech and data to help city officials and vendors achieve transformative outcomes.

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BidSpark is the only market engagement solution that provides high-quality procurement opportunities to businesses of all sizes, including disadvantaged businesses, startups, non-profits. Even if they are not yet registered as a vendor.

Market Insights

Citymart operates screens every city procurement and tracks over 50,000+ solutions for cities. We provide tailored market research on public procurement, suppliers, solutions in urban service delivery, new financing and business models.


Strategy & Training

Our experts deploy their skills and unique first-hand experience to help our customers develop strategies, design their workflows, facilitate stakeholders, solve tricky problem problems, provide capacity and provide training.


Aaron M. Renn, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute talks to us about re-inventing city procurement.

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Over 130 governments have used Citymart, including:

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Citymart is proud to work with some of the world's leading impact investors and partners.

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