As citizens, we want cities to provide swift, effective and affordable solutions to our problems.

Most city officials want these same advantages. But officials often operate in an environment that can discourage innovation and new ideas. As a result, it is difficult for them to avoid the same tired solutions offered from the same handful of vendors.

Collectively, that means we have over 4,5 trillion dollars in annual spending that we know could be used more effectively on better solutions. If we put even a fraction of that spending to use in creating cities that are more responsive, more efficient, and more nimble at solving problems for their citizens, then we will make an enormous impact in people’s lives. 

This is why we founded Citymart. Our idea is simple – what if in public procurement, cities published their problems through open challenges instead of specifying the solutions? By using a proven combination of capacity building, research and outreach, we help cities use their existing resources better and by making government more transparent, we improve city life for everyone.

Citymart has successfully shown the power method by completing more than 100 open challenges, or technically speaking ‘problem-based procurements’, with over 50 global cities and outstanding results going beyond our initial expectations.

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