Long Beach Outdoor Office

The City of Long Beach is launching a Request for Solution to find innovative ways to turn an accessible downtown plaza into a cutting edge outdoor space where professionals and entrepreneurs can work, meet and collaborate outside their traditional office space. The City is seeking outdoor furnishings and technologies to create an appealing and useful space.  

The deadline for submissions is October 06, 2016 by 4:00 p.m. Pacific time.

The Challenge: Located in sunny Southern California, Long Beach boasts 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine a year. Yet, during the workweek, downtown public parks sit empty while professionals toil away in surrounding office buildings. In order to encourage professionals and entrepreneurs to step away from their offices, the City of Long Beach seeks to turn the office culture inside-out by creating Long Beach’s first outdoor office at Harvey Milk Plaza, a centrally located City-owned public space.  

The Opportunity: The City seeks outdoor furnishings and technologies that are useful, durable, attractive and easily replicable. The selected products and/or services might be Wi-Fi enabled, multi-purpose, moveable, provide lighting, shade, incorporate charging stations and integrate technology. The functions and features listed above are not exhaustive and the City is open to learning about other creative solutions that can enhance the outdoor office space. The winner(s) of the challenge will have their piece(s) purchased and used in the first public park in the US to offer outdoor office amenities, programming, and infrastructure in a single site.  

Who can participate: The opportunity is open to anyone with a solution to the challenge. The City welcomes ideas from furniture designers, manufacturers, artists, engineers, lighting specialist, technologists, entrepreneurs, design enthusiasts, and general city enthusiasts working locally or internationally.