The Challenge: In recent years, numbers of newcomers to Bristol have risen. There are now at least 45 religions, 180 countries of birth represented and 91 main languages spoken by people living in Bristol. Tensions between long-term residents and newer arrivals have grown in some areas of the city, with an average of 40% of residents identifying community cohesion as a problem. Bristol is looking for creative and engaging ways to increase trust within communities so that residents come to behave in a neighbourly way and gain a shared sense of place, leading to a reduced number of reported incidents of hate crime.

The Opportunity: Successful proposals will be supported to demonstrate their solution in one of the neighbourhoods identified by the city. A landing programme will help the selected provider to pilot their solution and adapt it to the local context, offering logistical support and facilitating connections with local stakeholders. Bristol is particularly interested in solutions that could prove to be self-sustaining, but selected solutions could potentially be co-commissioned by the council.

Who can apply: Social entrepreneurs, citizens, designers, NGOs, and general city and community enthusiasts who work locally or internationally are all welcome to apply. The opportunity is open to anyone to support Bristolians to embrace difference and diversity, identify shared values, and strengthen mutual respect.