Bristol is the UK’s unofficial capital of the south west, a vibrant city with a range of strong industries and a reputation as a good place to live and do business. While Bristol has been a multicultural city for centuries, growing tensions in some areas of the city are partly due to increased immigration in recent years - at least 180 countries of birth are now represented. Bristol is looking for creative and engaging ways to build trust within the communities as part of the city’s resilience plans. 

100 Resilience Cities (100RC)

Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, 100RC is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. 100RC supports the adoption and incorporation of a view of resilience that includes not just the shocks—earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.—but also the stresses that weaken the fabric of a city on a day to day or cyclical basis.


Citymart transforms the way cities solve problems, connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens. Our method has helped more than 50 cities around the world from San Francisco to London and Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro find proven solutions. Citymart partners with cities to rethink their spending habits so they focus on what problems they need to solve instead of what things they want to buy.